The international missions are an important part of Swedacs core business. Swedac helps to remove technical barriers to trade including by helping developing countries to increase their trade with the outside world.

International projects

Swedac international projects helps to build up the infrastructure for accreditation in other countries, which thus can more easily participate in world trade. Often it is to build up a functioning system of accreditation and related legislation for the testing, calibration, certification and inspection. Thanks to the internationally recognized accreditation schemes one avoids repetitive control of the same product in several countries.

The first international aid project was conducted in the early 1990s when Swedac helped Iceland to build a limited accreditation function.

Subsequently Swedac has done projects with different funding agencies, such as the EU, World Bank, Sida and the recipient countries themselves. Projects have included the EU candidate countries such as Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and countries in the EU’s neighbourhood as Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. Other projects have been directed to developing countries in Africa and Central America and Sri Lanka. The projects have included both the building of national quality program in accreditation, training of observers, advice on market surveillance, management of notified bodies, administration and marketing. Projects are often carried out in cooperation with ministries and especially with accreditation bodies in the recipient country.