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To apply for accreditation, please use the form below, and attach the mandatory enclosures. Note that for applications in certain areas you are also required to fill in additional information in the intended form, see list below.

The requirements that are placed on you who want to be accredited within an area are stated under each working area. If a working area is missing, an application for acceptance of conformity assessment scheme may be required. Through your application you confirm that you understand the rules for the applied accreditation area and that you are committed to fulfil them and to report any changes that may affect the accreditation to Swedac.

If your application isn´t confirmed with a registration number within a week, contact the registrar via telephone +46 771 99 09 00 or

Application for accreditation

Accreditation applicants shall understand the regulations for the accreditation area and commit to them and also to report any changes that may affect the content of the accreditation. We hereby apply for accreditation with the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (Swedac).

Type of accreditation
Accreditation is required for the following standard:

Enclosures to attach to the application (mandatory)

  • copy of registration certificate (Swedish Companies Registration Office/the Swedish Tax Agency)*
  • your management system **
  • copy of minutes from the managements review
  • copy of minutes from performed internal audit
  • copy of minutes from completed supervisions
  • risk analysis for impartiality
  • list of areas/methods you want to be included in the accreditation
  • list of participants in test- and calibration comparisons
  • form with supplementary information for the scope of accreditation for which you are applying, information found further down on this page

* Not required for state, municipal of county council activities
** Remember that the following must also appear in the quality system:

  • The organisational position of the accredited business in the legal entity in the event the accreditation only concerns a part of the legal entity. This can be done with the help of organisation charts.
  • The key responsible who will work in the accredited business, including main tasks.
  • Indicate if your intention is to use subcontractors for parts of the business you intend to be accredited for. If so, attach information regarding which subcontractors you hire and what services you buy from them.
  • Indicate if you intend to perform internal calibrations of your instruments and machines. If so, include a list of instruments, quantities and measurement ranges this applies to.
  • Indicate if you will be working with accredited activities outside of your permanent premises (field activities).

Swedac´s processing of personal data is in accordance with current legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information read Swedac´s Integrity Policy.

Add more files

Contact information

Legal entity for the accredited business


If the possibility exists to receive an electronic invoice, fill in one or both fields below
Location where the accredited work will be performed (if other than above)
Authorised signatory/manager in charge of the accredited business
Person with technical responsibility for the accredited business
Person responsible for maintaining quality system for the accredited business (eg. quality manager)
Contact person for Swedac in matters concerning accreditation
Other information


Application for accreditation as laboratory


Application for accreditation as inspection body


Application for accreditation as a certification body

Producer of reference material

Application for accreditation as producer of reference material