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About Swedac

As a technical assessor you are included in an assessor team and examines specific tasks related to accreditation. The work is performed on a consultancy basis and usually includes a number of assignments each year.

During the term of agreement, a technical assessor is not allowed to engage in any activity that could challenge his/her impartiality. For this reason, the assessor reports all his/her other assignments to Swedac.

Swedac normally recruits technical assessors through public procurement. In certain areas of expertise, however, demand is so great that there might be a need for technical assessors at times other than at procurement opportunities. Anyone who is interested in working as technical assessor can submit an expression of interest to Swedac.


  • Diving equipment
  • Chainsaws
  • Environmental testing – moisture, heat, water, light – in particular plastics, rubber and coatings
  • Paper testing
  • PED – pressure devices
  • NDT – non-destructive testing
  • Scale calibration and periodic inspection
  • Lifting area
  • Testing of automotive components in light and reflections
  • Asphalt, aggregate and bitumen
  • Textile testing
  • Pressure
  • Acoustics
  • Fire


  • Virologist (doctor)
  • Immunologist (doctor)
  • Geneticist (doctor)
  • Clinical physiology (doctor and biomedical scientist)
  • Medical physics
  • Radiologist (doctor)
  • X-ray nurse
  • Pathology (doctor and biomedical scientist)

Environment and Food 

  • Planktonic/benthic analysis, fishing, field sampling (biologist)
  • Primary production crop production and animal husbandry combined (agronomist or equivalent)
  • Food packaging material (engineer or equivalent)
  • Plant growing open field and greenhouse cultivation, in combination with the climate/environment (agronomist or equivalent)

Requirements of a technical assessor 

  • Several years of experience in the relevant field. As experience is counted among other industrial activities, specialised laboratory work and certification or inspection activities in relevant fields are included
  • Competence in methods, analysis, controls and knowledge of the requirements in the areas that the technical assessor shall act within
  • Good knowledge of the language required by the assessment, both verbally and in writing. Current language is Swedish, and in some cases English
  • Approved as a technical assessor of Swedac or another accreditation body, or to undertake to undergo Swedac´s assessor training course and skills programme at the next available course date

In addition to this, general experience in the auditing of quality management systems and knowledge of ISO 9001 are valuable assets.


Telephone: +46 771-99 09 00