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Swedac publishes certificates that manufacturers use as a basis for certification of the measuring instruments which are covered by the regulations in the area. The certification applies to products which are covered by EC Directives and to national regulations.

When it comes to products which are covered by EC Directive, they are performed according to different so-called modules which are defined in the regulations. There is also the possibility to test one part of an instrument by making an evaluation of the instrument. The evaluation should be made according to a guidance document from the European cooperation organisation Welmec. The guidance document is then used in the approval procedures of the entire instrument.
In the links below are certificates and quality system approvals as well as additions, amendments, approvals and withdrawals of certificates. The certificates are issued by the Swedish notified body or accredited certification bodies on the basis of:
• The Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (previous 2004/22/EG)
• Welmec Guide 8.8 General and Administrative Aspects of the Voluntary System of Modular Evaluation of Measuring Instruments
• The Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment’s (Swedac) Regulations and General Guidelines (STAFS 2012:5) on accessory devices to taximeters.


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