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The largest part of Swedac's turnover consists of fees and other compensation. The other 17 percent is made up of grants from the state.
employees work at Swedac. Slightly more women than men work at the authority.
So many external experts worked for Swedac during the past year. They had roles such as assessment leaders, assessors and advisors
  • What does Swedac do?

    Swedac verifies compliance with quality and safety requirements in order to facilitate the free movement of goods and services across borders. The authority is active in a wide range of areas and helps build confidence in everyday life.

Become a technical assessor

As a technical assessor you are included in an assessor team and examines specific tasks related to accreditation. The work is performed on a consultancy basis and usually includes a number of assignments each year.

Become a technical assessor

Do you want to know where to get your vehicle inspected?

Vehicle used on Sweden's roads should be inspected. The companies that want to work with vehicle inspection must be accredited by Swedac. Through accreditation hedged skills of technicians as well as the company's equipment and procedures.