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About Swedac

The Accreditation Committee exerts transparency in to the accreditation operation and provides advice to the Head of Department for Accreditation (AC AVA).

Swedac´s Accreditation Committee shall consist of a broad representation of relevant stakeholders from industry sectors as well as category of stakeholder (regulatory authority, scheme owner, accredited body (directly or via industry association)).

Members of the Swedac Accreditation Committee are:

Kristina Hallman, chair, Swedac´s head of department for Accreditation
Liselotte Larsson, secretary, Swedac´s Quality Manager
Åsa Björkenor, Unilabs
Göran Grén, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Peter Hartzell, SIS Swedish Standards Institute
Magnus Holmgren, Eurolab
Pär Iggström, Intertek
Anders Johansson, SWETIC
Mona Lauermann Orheden, the Swedish Food Retailers Federation
Arne Lund, member (Swedac)
Ove Sundin, Swedish Work Environment Authority
Christer Vestin, the Swedish Transport Agency