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Swedac maintains its own accreditation register and has international agreements with accreditation bodies in other countries that also maintain searchable registers.

Swedac’s Accreditation Register

Swedac’s accreditation register includes all accredited customers. These include laboratories, certification and inspection bodies, bodies for validation and verification, organizers of proficiency testing programs, and producers of reference materials.

Swedac’s Accreditation Register

Accreditation Performed by Other Accreditation Bodies

Through international agreements between accreditation bodies in different countries, testing, certification, and inspection conducted under accreditation in other countries are recognized as equivalent to those performed domestically. Validity is tied to the areas or methods specified in the accreditation certificate.

These international agreements are structured around different areas where countries can participate in one or more. For more information, refer to the websites of the international organizations:

EA, European co-operation for Accreditation

EA’s Accreditation Register

ILAC, International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

IAF, International Accreditation Forum

Notified Bodies for Conformity Assessment

In the Nando database, you can find both European and non-European organizations that perform conformity assessments under EU directives, known as notified bodies.

Nando Database