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About Swedac

Decisions made by Swedac can be appealed by the person affected by the decision if it has been to their detriment and the decision is appealable. Such decisions include, for example, decisions to suspend accreditation or prohibitions under penalty to use certain measuring equipment. When Swedac has made a decision that can be appealed, we inform the person affected by the decision on how to appeal.

Swedac’s decisions are appealed to the general administrative court. The Administrative Court in Jönköping is the first instance in the appeal process of Swedac’s decisions.

An appeal to the Administrative Court must be in writing and sent to Swedac. The appeal must be received by Swedac within three weeks from the day the appellant was notified of the decision.

When an appeal is received by Swedac, we assess whether the appeal has been submitted on time. If it has been submitted on time, we will promptly forward it to the Administrative Court. If the appeal is late, it is dismissed and not forwarded.