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  • Information meeting about ISO 15189:2022 is arranged this spring

    During the next three years, the updated standard ISO 15189:2022 will be introduced. The standard concerns accredited medical laboratories. Swedac will arrange an information meeting in English to guide concerned laboratories in the implementation.

  • Building trust and competitiveness together – new Swedish-Icelandic cooperation agreement

    Today, Iceland's Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, Lilja Dögg Alfre∂sdóttir, and Swedac's Director General, Ulf Hammarström, are signing a cooperation agreement on the quality assurance of goods and services (accreditation). The signing of the new cooperation agreement is taking place in the office of the Icelandic minister in Reykjavik. Sweden's ambassador, Pär Ahlberger, is also taking part in the signing ceremony.

  • How can accreditation and standardisation bolster Swedish export?

    This question is addressed in a report produced by Swedac. The report was created before the pandemic but is still relevant. Find the report and more information below.

  • Questions and answers from Swedac’s webinar on The Value of Accreditation

    The audience asked questions during Swedac’s webinar on The Value of Accreditation. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to fit every question in to the show. Now, some of the questions find their answers.

  • Watch Swedac’s webinar on the value of accreditation

    Which is the value of accreditation - today and in the future?

    That was the theme for Swedac’s recent webinar.

  • “We can learn from one another”

    On 19 October, representatives of accreditation bodies, private sector and government customers, researchers, legislators and representatives of European and global stakeholder organisations will all gather to take part in Swedac’s webinar. It will deal with the future of accreditation as an instrument of quality assurance in society and the challenges that exist.
    “I hope that those taking part will be inspired to give these matters further thought. These aren’t issues that have a definitive answer. The important thing is to have a discussion in which we can learn from and be inspired by one another,” says Ulf Hammarström, Director General of Swedac.

  • Swedac informs regarding Brexit

    Swedac informs about Brexit and how a no-deal Brexit affects notified bodies, accredited bodies and manufacturers.

  • Information regarding the coronavirus covid-19

    Swedac is following developments regarding the spread of the virus and is continuously assessing the situation and the need for measures.

  • Swedac cooperation project with Jordan comes to an end

    Over a period of 18 months Swedac has been assisting Jordan in building up its accreditation activities. “We have also gained experience and lessons we can make use of to develop our work back home,” says Viktoria Lindberg Martinell, project manager.

  • Weighing machines of the future will not only be able to weigh – they will also take payment

    From two scale pans intended to balance equally to weighing instruments with microcomputers that can measure fractures of grams. That’s the history of weighing scales in brief. But how does the future look?