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  • Information regarding the coronavirus covid-19

    Swedac is following developments regarding the spread of the virus and is continuously assessing the situation and the need for measures.

  • Swedac cooperation project with Jordan comes to an end

    Over a period of 18 months Swedac has been assisting Jordan in building up its accreditation activities. “We have also gained experience and lessons we can make use of to develop our work back home,” says Viktoria Lindberg Martinell, project manager.

  • Weighing machines of the future will not only be able to weigh – they will also take payment

    From two scale pans intended to balance equally to weighing instruments with microcomputers that can measure fractures of grams. That’s the history of weighing scales in brief. But how does the future look?

  • The latest in Global Accreditation News

    A year has passed since the appointment was given to Ms Etty Feller by ILAC members.

  • ”Swedac has an important role in society”

    Focused, persevering and fairly responsive. These are words that Swedac's Director General, Ulf Hammarström, uses to describe himself. He sees his most important tasks as managing the reorganisation of the agency and achieving financial balance in connection with the relocation to Borås.

  • Swedac concludes training programmes with the Arab League

    Over the last two years, Swedac has conducted two parallel training programmes for the Arab League with the aim of increasing interregional trade and promoting economic development. The training programmes have now been concluded.

  • A long career at ILAC comes to an end

    Merih Malmqvist Nilsson retires from the Chairmanship of ILAC. In this interview Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, talks about her time at ILAC’s executive committee, what challenges she sees lying ahead for the organisation and about her plans for retirement.

  • A quarter century of borderless trade

    The EU's single market is 25 years old this year. Common standards for goods and services that are recognised as equivalent by accredited bodies throughout the Union represent one of the main pillars of economic cooperation.

  • Interest in working within the CETA Agreement

    The CETA Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada has provisionally entered into force, meaning that customs duties between the countries will disappear and duplication in product testing will be avoided. A number of Swedish accredited bodies are among those who have shown interest in working with product testing under the agreement.

  • Important meeting on the Convention on the Control and Marking of Precious Metals

    Sweden and Swedac hosted the spring meeting of the Convention on the Control and Marking of Precious Metals. Many important decisions were made at this meeting.