• Important meeting on the Convention on the Control and Marking of Precious Metals

    Sweden and Swedac hosted the spring meeting of the Convention on the Control and Marking of Precious Metals. Many important decisions were made at this meeting.

  • What happened next for Dr Eve Gadzikwa

    It is now a year since Dr Eve Gadzikwa, head of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, along with around 30 other high level managers and government officials from seven countries in southern Africa completed a four-week training programme at Swedac.

  • New report indicates increased costs for companies due to new EU legislative proposals

    Swedac has recently produced a report which shows that there are new legislative proposals from the EU that deviate from the current rules that facilitate matters for companies wishing to access the European market.

  • Swedac supports Jordan with accreditation

    Swedac is supporting Jordan to develop its accreditation activities. According to Magnus Pedersen at Swedac, this initiative will benefit trade in both countries.

  • Merih Malmqvist Nilsson appointed as acting Director-General at Swedac

    The Swedish government has appointed Merih Malmqvist Nilsson as acting Director-General at Swedac, starting from March 12, 2018. Merih Malmqvist Nilsson will lead Swedac until a new Director-General is appointed.

  • Minister for Public Administration visited Swedac

    On March 7 Mr Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister for Public Administration, visited Swedac in Borås, to be briefed about the on-going relocation of parts of Swedac's operations.

  • Full version of Swedac´s report on consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU now available in English

    As posted earlier, on request from the Swedish Government, Swedac has analysed what consequences, particularly for Swedish interests, the UK’s withdrawal from the EU may have for the application of technical regulations in trade in goods within the EU and between the EU and the UK. The full report is now available in English.

  • Brexit means major changes for Swedish trade in goods

    Swedac concludes that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, Brexit, means major changes in the trade in goods. On behalf of the Government, Swedac has carried out an analysis in which it demonstrates the consequences that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU may have for the application of technical rules for products. The report was submitted to Ann Linde, Minister of EU Affairs and Trade on 6 December 2017.

  • Merih Malmqvist Nilsson on her first year as Chair of ILAC

    Swedac’s Deputy Director General, Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, has now completed her first year as Chair of ILAC, the global organisation for accreditation bodies in the fields of laboratory and inspection body accreditation. We have interviewed her on the past year, the challenges she has faced and how she views the future within the organisation.

  • Swedac to help Jamaica with accreditation

    Swedac has signed an agreement with JANAAC, the Jamaican national accreditation body, to help them develop the capacity to expand their accreditation services. We have interviewed JANAAC's Chief Executive Officer Sharonmae Shirley who, along with JANAACS Accreditation Manager Nickoe Boothe-Thompson and a number of assessors, visited Sweden in November to exchange knowledge and experience.