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About Swedac

Swedac’s activities have a daily impact on the environment, both directly and indirectly.

Swedac’s work for the environment

Swedac’s work affects the environment both directly through work that requires transportation, facilities and materials, as well as indirectly by accrediting companies and organisations working to protect air, land and water.

Swedac conducts a targeted environmental work that is based on a special environmental policy.

The authority is one of about 200 state authorities that are required to have an environmental management system, and reports annually on environmental management to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. These include documenting travel and the impact the authority has on the environment, for example in terms of greenhouse gases.

How Swedac help to meet environmental goals is described in the leaflet Our environmental tasks below.


Swedac’s environmental policy

Swedac works for a better environment and an ecologically sustainable development. The internal environment work shall focus on continuously raising the awareness of travel and environmental- and climate issues.
Swedac´s work shall continue to have a positive indirect impact on the protection of air, soil and water.

Swedacs environmental management system shall meet and continuously work with the requirements in SS-EN ISO 14001, relevant legislation and take into account requirements from external stakeholders. 

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