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About Swedac

Swedac consists of Director General Ulf Hammarström, who is agency head and ultimately responsible for the authority. Under him, there are five departments.

An Advisory Council sits alongside the Director General. The council basically has the same function as a board, but with limited responsibility and without decision-making powers. The Advisory Council fulfills the requirement for democratic transparency and civic influence.

Staff and Communication falls directly under the Director General.

The five departments within the authority are: Accreditation, HR, Legal Affairs and Trade, Development and Service, and Legal Metrology.

The Department of Accreditation is linked with an Accreditation Committee. The Accreditation Committee exercises transparency in the accreditation activities and acts as a support to the Head of Department for Accreditation.

The Department of Accreditation holds the entities Health and Environment, Quality and Planning, Industry, Vehicle and Inspection and Technical and International Affairs.

The Department of Development and Service holds the entities Finance and IT and Service.