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The Swedac accreditation symbol stands for quality and safety.

Accred. nr 0000
ISO/IEC 17020 (A)

Above is an example of how the accreditation symbol may appear, with the accredited body’s accreditation number of the relevant standard. The accreditation symbol may also be black and white, depending on the context in which it is used. In other countries, there are accreditation bodies equivalent to Swedac. Swedac recognises their accreditation symbols if they comply with the international agreements in force in the area.

How can the symbol be used?

Exactly what rules apply for the accreditation symbol to be used are in the regulation STAFS 2020:1 and in Swedac’s policy Swedac DOC 20:1, guidance is provided for the application of the requirements.
When an activity receives an accreditation, the accreditation symbol is sent for use in the reports, certificates, and website. Only one representative from the accredited activities can order a new original from Swedac.

Every symbol is unique

Only organisations that are accredited (sometimes referred to as “body”) by Swedac may use the accreditation symbol. The symbol means that the activity has been assessed and approved in accordance with a certain standard. Each accreditation symbol is unique and contains the name of the standard that the accreditation covers and the accredited body’s accreditation number.

Scope of the accreditation

An inspection body can be accredited for one or more types of inspection, a certification body for certain certifications to standards. A validation- and verification body to confirm claims to certain programs and a laboratory for a number of specific methods. It is therefore important to check what is accredited. What is included in the scope of accreditation is shown by Swedac’s accreditation records. Information about the standards that are current is available here on the site.