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Building trust and competitiveness together – new Swedish-Icelandic cooperation agreement

Today, Iceland's Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, Lilja Dögg Alfre∂sdóttir, and Swedac's Director General, Ulf Hammarström, are signing a cooperation agreement on the quality assurance of goods and services (accreditation). The signing of the new cooperation agreement is taking place in the office of the Icelandic minister in Reykjavik. Sweden's ambassador, Pär Ahlberger, is also taking part in the signing ceremony.

Building trust and competitiveness together – new Swedish-Icelandic cooperation agreement

– The agreement represents a step towards achieving the vision of the Nordic countries to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. We are more tightly integrated when it comes to building trust and security within our societies, not least when it comes to improving opportunities for equal participation in international trade according to the principle of “Accredited Once, Accepted Everywhere'”, says Ulf Hammarström.

An important part of the newly deepened relationship between the two accreditation bodies, Swedac, and its Icelandic counterpart, ISACis linked to ISAC’s ambition to become signatory to more of the global agreements that will contribute to free trade in various areas and that are handled by the European accreditation organisation, the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA). Swedac will support ISAC in this ambition.

– We will be both stronger and more efficient together and the cooperation will bring us both increased knowledge and experience. The cooperation agreement also provides an opportunity to offer Icelandic organisations accreditation at Swedac in cases where ISAC does not offer accreditation in the field in question. In this way, we strengthen each other and the competitiveness of our respective countries in an effective way, says Kristina Hallman, Head of Accreditation Department at Swedac.