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Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine

A veterinary laboratory takes samples and performs analyses in order to ensure that animals receive a proper treatment.

It is important that the veterinary medicine work is done in a proper way to achieve results that are reliable.

Swedac accredits veterinary medicine laboratory testing. The accreditation ensures that the samples were handled and analysed in a quality assured and controlled manner, regardless of the laboratory’s size, geographic location or whether it is private or public organization.

The accreditation means that the activities are carried out in an impartial, accurate way and that they are based on internationally recognized standards. At an accreditation, requirements are set for staff competence, methods and documentation of the work.

Accreditation of veterinary medicine laboratories covers various areas such as parasitology, bacteriology, mycology and virology.

Requirements and guidance documents:

Documents that contain accreditation requirements

ILAC G7:04/2021 Accreditation Requirements and Operating Criteria for Horseracing Laboratories

Documents providing guidance for compliance with accreditation requirements

EA-4/17 M:2008: EA Position paper on the expression description of scopes of accreditation of medical laboratories
SWEDAC DOC 01:31 Interna och externa kontroller
SWEDAC DOC 05:3 Mätosäkerhet, tillämpningsområde laboratoriemedicin och bild- och funktionsmedicin
SWEDAC DOC 05:2, Kvalitativa undersökningar – uppskattning och kontroll av osäkerhet inom laboratoriemedicin
SWEDAC DOC 01:55 Validering/verifiering av kvantitativa och kvalitativa metoder