• Merih Malmqvist Nilsson on her first year as Chair of ILAC

    Swedac’s Deputy Director General, Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, has now completed her first year as Chair of ILAC, the global organisation for accreditation bodies in the fields of laboratory and inspection body accreditation. We have interviewed her on the past year, the challenges she has faced and how she views the future within the organisation.

  • Swedac to help Jamaica with accreditation

    Swedac has signed an agreement with JANAAC, the Jamaican national accreditation body, to help them develop the capacity to expand their accreditation services. We have interviewed JANAAC's Chief Executive Officer Sharonmae Shirley who, along with JANAACS Accreditation Manager Nickoe Boothe-Thompson and a number of assessors, visited Sweden in November to exchange knowledge and experience.

  • Swedac takes the lead for quality country Sweden

    Swedac has launched an initiative to highlight quality issues in Sweden. The Quality Country Initiative was launched in connection with the Quality Fair in Gothenburg. The goal is to establish a national quality strategy with clear links to international quality work.

Swedac Academy

We are proud to invite you to Swedac Academy, our new service concept for training and bench-marking in the areas of our core expertise.

Do you want to know where to get your vehicle inspected?

Vehicle used on Sweden's roads should be inspected. The companies that want to work with vehicle inspection must be accredited by Swedac. Through accreditation hedged skills of technicians as well as the company's equipment and procedures.